What is a bad credit score?

Financial industry term for a credit history indicating that a person is a high credit risk. A credit score of less than 560 is generally considered to be a bad credit

Medical debt and your credit score.

Medical debt has always been a huge burden to the American consumer, and for a long time it has been able to substantially weaken your credit score.

How Does America’s Personal Spending?

For everyone who took a pay cut, saw their friends painfully foreclose on a mortgage, or otherwise experienced the financial misery of the Great.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

  • "I'm sure you hear this all the time but I couldn't stop singing songs of praise to the staff at the Creditrich. I got an updated copy of my Experian Credit Report today and I was so happy I started jumping up and down in the driveway. They deleted six out of nine negative entries — and in less than two months — now that's what I call SERVICE. I can't wait to see the negative entries fall off my other reports as well! Thanks a million!"
  • "Your service is great! My Experian credit report is all cleaned up! I can't believe it! The other two bureaus are almost clean too. The past six months have been great. Ford leasing company picked up the lease for a $40,000 car easily. I've also gotten new credit cards with high lines of credit and low interest and zero interest on balance transfers. So far I've spent under $500 on your service. It has been worth every penny. You guys are just great. I'd recommend you to anyone that has a scary credit report! Thanks so much."

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Items removed from our clients credit reports

Creditrich has helped hundreds of thousands of clients take action and repair their credit, since being founded in 1991.

Creditrich can help repair your bad credit.

With more than 20 years of experience helping consumers affordably repair their bad credit Creditrich has the knowledge, and tools to help you on your path to financial health. We know the laws, the road blocks, and the process. We put our experience to work for our clients.